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COVID-19 Response:

Dear clients, friends, and family,

Our hearts are with you during this outbreak of COVID-19. We realize that it has impacted everyone concerning safety, health, finances, and wellbeing. . . . .

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How we can support you:

  • Immediate Needs:

    Cognitive / dementia assessments
    Alzheimer's support

    Consultation with families
    Understanding dementia
    Assessing loved ones overall needs

    (POA / Guardianship)
    Support planning (housing needs, care, medical)
    Alternative therapy

  • Short-Term Needs:

    Housing placement transition support

    (in home care/assisted living)
    Patient therapy (calming Alzheimer’s behavioral concerns)
    Comprehensive Wellness planning

    (Mind, Body, Spirit)
    Collaboration with medical, assisted living, caregiver
    Nutrition, physical activities, spiritual visits, surroundings
    Prescription management

    (as well as alternative therapy options)
    Needs assessment
    Continued family counseling and support

  • Long-Term Needs

    Housing and needs transitions guidance and support
    Continued needs assessment
    Hospice transitioning
    End stage of life support
    Grief counseling

"To love a person is to learn the song in their heart, and sing it to them when they have forgotten." -Anne Garborg

Why Alzheimer's Integrative Wellness Center

Alzheimer's Integrative Wellness Group provides a holistic approach to patient care. With respect, compassion, and expertise in modalities, we bring natural alternatives from initial dementia assessment to end of life stages. Our team creates a welcoming outpatient environment. It is our honor to bring to all that enter greater wellness and a higher quality of life.  

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We help with:

Financial / Medical Records
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Finding a caregiver /
Re-homing >
Family Services, Counseling and In/Out Patient Services
Family services, counseling
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"Andrea has helped our family find peace of mind during all stages of Alzheimer's.  At the end stage of life, we were at peace knowing all we taken care of " 

~Family Religioso

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