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Grieving/Emotional Support

Grieving/Emotional Support


A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is exceptionally difficult news for both the individual with the condition as well as loved ones to receive and accept. It changes every aspect of daily living and brings with it challenges that are difficult to accept and manage. 


 With all of the confusion, shock, sadness, despair, anger, and other emotions this diagnosis elicits, it’s essential to reach out for support and care.  Today, there are many resources, programs, and organizations available to help individuals and their loved ones navigate a path forward, and find information on neurodegenerative conditions, means of caregiving, and where to turn for support as well as assistance.


Support networks for individuals in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease provide a helpful sounding board for the myriad of emotions, personal questions, and concerns that a diagnosis elicits. They serve as a helping hand, offering advice and encouragement as one tries to manage feelings, cope with symptoms, and move forward in a positive way. On the national as well as local level, the Alzheimer’s Association® offers abundant information and resources with respect to research, support, and care.


At the office of Alzheimer’s Integrative Wellness Group, we provide patient and family-centered care. As a Gerontologist specializing in Alzheimer's disease, Dr. Holzner offers individuals and their loved ones, the Grieving/Emotional Support they need to manage the complex range of feelings associated with the diagnosis, and the progression of this condition. In addition to her professional expertise, she provides the added experience, sensitivity, and compassion of having a beloved parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  

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