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Dementia, in all its forms, has affected millions around the world. 


My own mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2012, which quickly progressed into Alzheimer's. It was a process that, for a variety of reasons, moved rapidly into its latter stages and eventually took her life. The whirlwind of diagnoses, doctor visits, changes in her behavior and body, and the moving away from the vibrant personality that I knew so well were out of my control. As a caregiver myself, I experienced all the disillusionment, confusion, and myriad of emotions during and after. 


I found few resources and literature that comforted me, and so I made it my mission to fill the gaps. Here, you'll find many resources on the various aspects of degenerative neurological conditions, means of caregiving, and where to turn for aide. What information that the resources lack, I'll be covering on my blog. 


My hope is that together, we can find a cure! 
Until then, there are resources to inform, comfort and, hopefully, provide the support needed. 

Click the following icons or service titles for it's information.

If you need further assistance or need a service that isn't listed,

please give me a call and I will gladly assist you.

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At Alzheimer's Integrative Wellness Group, we're here for you every step of the way.  Reach out to us with any of your questions or concerns.

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