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Upcoming Events!

Event Schedule:

Oregon Dental Association - April 7th, 2022 Portland, Oregon
           Behavioral Healthcare - Alzheimer's and Dentistry

Livingston Catholic Charities - April 13th, 2022  Chicago
Changed 5/2022
          Complexities of Caregiving - ADL's

Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance, guest on the "Forward, Podcast of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance". April, 22, 2022

Elders Group, - April 26th, 2022
        Expert moderator - Aging

Biologix Solutions - 2022  Naperville, IL
        Continuing education courses - Geriatric Dentistry

Texas Oral Health Conference - July 15th, 2022
          Oral Healthcare Access for Alzheimer's Patients in Rural Regions

ICD Conference (Institute for Chronic Disorganization) - September 21-24th
          Organization As We Age



Short-term needs

Long-term needs:

Long-term needs:

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