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COVID-19 Response:

Dear clients, friends, and family,

Our hearts are with you during this outbreak of COVID-19. We realize that it has impacted everyone concerning safety, health, finances, and wellbeing. While COVID-19 has halted many businesses, schools, and daily activity, caregiving for loved ones does not stop. During this different time in our world it is important to remember those still providing care as doctors, nurses, all administrative support, and caregivers. Hospitals, medical units, and adult communities continue to care for patients, residents, as life continues.


At Alzheimer’s Integrative Wellness Group, while we cannot see our clients and patients face to face, we continue to support family and loved ones with Alzheimer’s via telehealth video counseling. If you are feeling uncertain about this time in our world with anxiety, fears, or grief, please know that we are here for you with counseling support, therapy, and providing resources. We know
that many people have loved ones that are isolated, ill, or have lost their lives to this virus. While we cannot change what is occurring in our world, we can provide support, comfort, and immediate therapy to help ease your challenges.

During this time of COVID-19, we are continuing to be family and patient centered support for Alzheimer’s, and we are expanding to ALL our community at any age whether managing Alzheimer’s or not. We do not want the cost to impact whether you receive support and during this time we offering a sliding scale. No person will be turned away due to cost. It is our prayer that we can be a comfort during this time to our community. We are not alone, but together during this time.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.     -Anthony J. D'Angelo

Warm regards,


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