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The 7 Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

It is perhaps one of the most devastating illnesses that can befall a person — Alzheimer’s disease. This progressive neurodegenerative disorder essentially robs a person of their memories, mental function, and even their sense of self — leaving family members to witness a loved one in a state of mental decline from which there is no escape.

Healthcare providers often break down Alzheimer’s Disease into 7 general stages:

Stage 1: No Impairment: During this stage, Alzheimer’s disease is not detectable and no memory problems or other symptoms of dementia are evident.

Stage 2: Very Mild Decline: The person may notice minor memory problems or lose things around the house, although not to the point where the memory loss can easily be distinguished from normal age-related memory loss.

Stage 3: Mild Decline: Friends and family members may begin to notice memory and cognitive problems. Performance on memory and cognitive tests are affected and the patient may have trouble with sentences, losing things, remembering names of new people they meet or planning and organizing.

Stage 4: Moderate Decline: Clear cut symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are apparent. Patients have difficulty managing finances and paying bills, and poor short-term memory.

Stage 5: Moderately Severe Decline: Patients begin to need help with many day-to-day activities. People may experience confusion, inability to recall simple details about themselves, and have difficulty dressing appropriately.

Stage 6: Severe Decline: Patients need constant supervision and often require professional care. Symptoms include: confusion or unawareness of environment; major personality changes; assistance with all daily living activities; inability to recognize faces except closest friends and relatives; wandering; inability to use the toilet.

Stages 7: Very Severe Decline: The final stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Patients lose their ability to respond to their environment or communicate. While they may still be able to utter words and phrases, they have no insight into their condition and need assistance with all activities of daily living. In the final stages of the illness, patients may lose their ability to swallow.

Alzheimer's Integrative Wellness Group provides a holistic approach to patient care. With respect, compassion, and expertise in modalities, we bring natural alternatives from initial dementia assessment to end-of-life stages. We strive to bring greater wellness and a higher quality of life to all of our clients. For more information on our services, give us a call today.

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